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November 23, 2017

The Orwellian Nightmare at Laurier University – The Saad Truth (Video)

Must watch video.

Police: Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Decapitated Man, Cut His Heart Out Inside ‘Sanctuary’ County

“The victim has been stabbed over one-hundred times, decapitated, dismembered, and his heart had been excised from his chest and thrown into the grave.”

Nearly a dozen members of the hyperviolent MS-13 street gang lured a man into a park and stabbed him over 100 times, cut his head off, and cut his heart out of his chest and threw it on the grave they buried him in, authorities say.

Law enforcement officials in North Carolina recently arrested Miguel “Timido” Angel Lopez-Abrego, 19, who was extradited to Montgomery County, Maryland, where he made his first court appearance on Wednesday.

According to court documents, another member of MS-13 identified Lopez-Abrego as being involved in the gruesome murder:

On 09/05/2017 [unnamed MS-13 member] took MCPD detectives to the gravesite located in the park and he further described the circumstances of the murder and detailed the choking, stabbing, decapitating, and dismembering the victim’s body before dumping it into a pre-dug hole.

[Unnamed MS-13 member] identified one of the other participants in the murder as an adult male he knew as Miguel and whose nickname was “Timido.”

The victim has been stabbed over one-hundred times, decapitated, dismembered, and his heart had been excised from his chest and thrown into the grave.


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Complete Classic Movie: Heidi (1937)

Stars: Shirley Temple, Jean Hersholt, Arthur Treacher. A plucky little orphan girl gets dumped abruptly into her gruff, hermit grandfather’s care, then later gets retaken and delivered as a companion for an injured girl.

Click here to watch Heidi.

Melissa Gilbert Second Woman to Accuse Oliver Stone of Sexual Harassment

Actress Melissa Gilbert claims that Oliver Stone sexually harassed her while she was auditioning for a role in the three-time Oscar-winner’s 1991 Jim Morrison biopic The Doors.

During an interview with radio host Andy Cohen Monday, Gilbert said that Stone used the audition (the role would eventually go to Meg Ryan) as a means to sexually humiliate her in retaliation because “I had said something and embarrassed him publicly.”

She explained that Stone, “wrote this special scene that he wanted me to do for him physically in the casting room, and it was humiliating and horrid.” She claims she was told to get on her knees saying, “Do me, baby.” She refused and left the audition humiliated and in tears.

“He got me back and it hurt,” she says.

Gilbert is Stone’s second accuser. Carrie Stevens, a former Playboy Playmate, recently came forward to accuse Stone of groping her breast 26 years ago.

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The Last Territorial Acquisition

The full story behind the Gadsden Purchase.

Two American presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, began their lives as surveyors, a skill in short supply when the U.S. tried to draw its boundary with Mexico following the victory in 1848. The 1850 survey party that walked in their footsteps fully understood that the future of the U.S. and Mexico hung on them successfully mapping the nebulous border.

Their service was marred by a poorly worded treaty that started the boundary from the village of El Paso in Texas, resulting in the American surveyors drawing wildly inaccurate maps. Showing El Paso eight miles north of its actual location, the maps led to confusion and conflict over the U.S.-Mexico border in this remote corner of the continent.

The full story offers up backroom dealings, a growing conflict between free and slave states prior to the Civil War, the flawed man behind the name on the map and the bargain that finally ousted a dictator who had not been brought down by losing a war.

The Mexican-American War, like Vietnam more than a century later, was not uniformly popular in the United States. Northerners suspected the real aim of the war was to extend slavery to the west. Southerners welcomed Texas as a slave state and were ready to take on more territory, including Cuba and large parts of Mexico.


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French Author: To Prevent Sharia Civil War, Establish Separate Islamic State Within France

De Moliner argued that “a nation always rests on a fundamental pact, a minimum of laws that all approve.” In France, he claimed, this is no longer the case.

The situation in France has gotten so desperate that the only way to prevent civil war between Muslim and non-Muslim sections of society is to divide the country in two, one French academic argued. This may seem needlessly drastic, but the push for Sharia (Islamic law) being enshrined in the government may make it necessary.

“Just as the English never managed to tame the Irish Catholics, we will never be able to eradicate the radical Islamism,” wrote Christian de Moliner in the French online magazine Causeur. “Everyone realizes that a second people has formed in France, a branch that wants to settle their life on religious values and is fundamentally opposed to the liberal consensus on which our country was founded.” The author also shared his article in a post on Facebook.

De Moliner argued that “a nation always rests on a fundamental pact, a minimum of laws that all approve.” In France, he claimed, this is no longer the case.


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The Migrant Crisis and the Fall of a Giant: Five Times Breitbart London Exposed Decline of Angela Merkel YEARS Before Establishment Media

Crucial talks to sustain the political career of acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel collapsed Sunday, throwing into sharp relief the waning power of the politician who was once considered the most powerful woman in the world.

German newspaper Die Welt wrote shortly after the formal announcement of the failure of the German coalition talks that “The fate of these discussions was already sealed on 5th September 2015. Merkel’s decision to keep the German border open for refugees for a variety of reasons led to the closing of the door [on this] Sunday for the first German multi-party coalition.”

The 5th of September date cited by the German newspaper refers to the day Angela Merkel announced through a government spokesman that Germany would not turn refugees away, shifting up a gear one of the greatest movements of people to Europe in the continent’s history.

The admission that Merkel’s failure to form a government actually stemmed from the intense unpopularity of the migrant crisis, which has seen millions of new arrivals, among European voters marks a decided change for German media, who were just months ago identified as having a strong pro-mass migration bias in an academic study.

Breitbart London, on the other hand, has reported extensively on the impact of Merkel’s migrant policies and the effect that those decisions have had both on everyday German citizens and on the political career of the long-standing German chancellor.


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November 22, 2017

Complete Classic Movie: Here Come the Girls (1953)

Stars: Bob Hope, Tony Martin, Arlene Dahl. A clumsy, full-of-himself chorus boy gets a chance at Broadway stardom when he’s a stand in for a leading actor threatened by an infamous killer.

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Rosemary Clooney – Mambo Italiano

Natalie Wood as Gypsy Rose Lee – Gypsy