Author: ‘Real hardcore violence’ coming in 2020

Describes how leftist movement antifa has normalized beating, kicking, shoving.

America is a different place today than it was one year ago. Opposition to the president no longer means simply delivering fiery speeches at a rally or marching in the streets holding handmade signs; today it also means beating, kicking and shoving the president’s supporters, or those believed to be his supporters.

Scott Greer, deputy editor at The Daily Caller, wrote his book “No Campus For White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination” in 2016, before Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

He wrote about the vitriol many white students faced at college campuses around the country, but not even he foresaw the full extent of the venomous response Trump would arouse in so many people.

“I would say the one surprising thing is the introduction of violence, physical violence into these acts,” Greer said during a recent appearance on the Hagmann Report. “This is not something you really saw when I was writing this book.”

Greer said one of the inspirations for “No Campus For White Men” was the student-led racial protest at the University of Missouri in 2015, at which a female professor memorably called for “some muscle” to help remove a photojournalist who was trying to film the protesters.


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