Arizona Governor: I Will “Fight This Imperial President” for Abandoning the Border

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer recently took to Twitter to put the president on blast for not doing his job to secure the border, stating she would “fight this Imperial President” for neglecting to do his constitutional duty to protect the United States.

It didn’t seem possible for President Obama’s fan club to shrink any more than it already has due to the numerous scandals that keep rolling off the White House assembly line, but then the immigration crisis pops up and proves otherwise.

Obama is taking plenty of heat and criticism, all of it well deserved, for refusing to secure the southern border, and creating programs that encourage families to send their unaccompanied children into the country illegally.

It’s pretty obvious that the reason Obama and his cronies have decided not to take action is to intentionally create this crisis in order to force immigration reform through the use of an executive order, once again bypassing Congress and spitting on the Constitution.

While the president might think he’s clever, trying typical progressive tactics to force his will on the American people, not everyone is falling for the act.


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