America first vs. Third World first

Curtis Ellis cites ‘globalist betrayals’ of Clintons through the years.

A Choice Not an Echo: That was Phyllis Schlafly’s assessment of the 1964 race between Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson.

This November, for the first time in 52 years, Americans will again have a clear choice: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.

The choice is between nationalism and globalism.

Donald Trump will put the interests of America first. Hillary Clinton will sacrifice America on the altar of globalism.

Trump promises economic policies whose first priority is raising the standard of living for Americans.

This is heresy to the globalists who fancy themselves “global citizens” and occupy the aeries of power in the corporate, academic and political establishments.

Hillary Clinton is their tribune. Hence Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and a parade of trans-globalists who publicly self-identify as Republicans say they would rather sit the election out or vote for Hillary than support Donald Trump.

Over the coming weeks, the Clinton’s record will be revisited and exposed for what it is – a betrayal of the American people and America’s national interest.


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