America And Western Countries: Becoming The World’s Refugee Camps by Frosty Wooldridge

Part 1: Western countries being overrun by third world immigration.

As of 2014, 41.3 million foreign-born immigrants call America home. They arrived from 140 war-torn or starvation-prone countries around the world. They reached our shores from failed cultures, failed educational systems (illiteracy), failed economic systems and/or horrendously overpopulated countries around the globe.

They fled or flee countries like India, China, Somalia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Congo, Ethiopia, Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Argentina, Indochina and Pakistan along with another 140 countries—stemming from the fact that chaos; starvation and human misery explode off the charts.

This “refugee” immigration “solution” shared by Canada, Europe, Australia and America fails to grasp the fact that 140 countries from around the world continue adding 80 million people, net gain, annually. In other words, the line of desperate humans never ends as to lack of fresh water, food, energy and resources.

Unfortunately, none of those countries or their citizens takes responsibility for their birth rates, their economic systems or their lack of educational systems. They maintain “failed states”, which stem from “failed cultures”, which stem from “failed educational systems or mass illiteracy.” Such third world conditions become intractable and unsolvable when those countries add another 80 million to their ranks annually.

Worse, with such prolific human fecundity, those countries add 1 billion newcomers every 12 years and expect to jump the global population from 7.2 billion today to 10.1 billion by 2050—a scant 36 years from now.


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