A Whole New Breed of White People

What happens when modern whites realize they are guilty of nothing and are the sole victims of organized modern racial hatred?

Black identity was formed by outsiders by constant persecution. So was Zionism. And the new white identity will be formed the same way. By necessity, whites will bond based on a common shared experience of being demonized. People who weren’t remotely “racist” a year ago now realize they’re being targeted.

White people will finally discard the ancient Roots stereotypes and realize their new reality is encapsulated by all the handheld video beatings that blacks administer to whites and post on World Star Hip Hop. A new identity will be formed not on what they’re being told about the past, but what they’ve witnessed with their own eyes. Suddenly whites are realizing that this whole “anti-whiteness” thing is reality—almost enshrined into law at this point—rather than a cockamamie conspiracy theory.

In fact, they’re realizing the true wacky conspiracy theory is the idea that white people are conspiring AT ALL about ANYTHING. There is no demographic in America that is more hopelessly fractured and at war with itself than white America.

But now they have a common bond, one that can’t be splintered by squabbles about nationality or religion or ideology. They are white whether they like it or not, and people are gunning for them.


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