A tale of 2 nations: Patriots and Patricians

The least infraction (such as a kid wearing an NRA T-shirt) will trigger a resounding punishment calculated to instill maximum fear. Patricians feel entitled to intrude into every facet of Patriots’ lives. And if Patriots object, Patrician stormtroopers kick in their doors. Where does safety end and tyranny begin?

Once upon a time, we were One Nation Under God. Sure, America had its faults, but overall things were fairly good and we worked to make improvements. The government understood that its purpose was to safeguard the Rights (note the capital “R”) with which we were endowed by our Creator; and most other legislative matters were left to the states per the 10th Amendment. America had public servants, but these people were just that – servants. They were there to uphold the Constitution.

That was then. This is now.

Today we have two nations, peopled separately by what I’ll call the Patriots and the Patricians.

Patriots (We the People) work hard, raise our kids, build businesses, don’t take government handouts and otherwise engage in mature, responsible lives. Patriots don’t look to the government to bail us out of our mortgages, pay for our health care, or otherwise nanny us. Historically, we are the folks who made America thrive.

Then there are Patricians, leaders of a separate America, the core of which consists of less than 600 people in the three branches of government. Patricians now occupy the Patriots’ America, utilizing millions of useful idiots who support everything the Patricians do, no matter how intrusive and anti-constitutional it may be.


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