A Country Slipping Away by Dennis Michael Lynch

It is an absolute travesty that an American citizen like myself has to watch his country slip away because the government will not enforce the laws and because greedy business owners want to save $5 per hour by hiring illegal aliens.

My four kids are spread out in terms of age. I get a good look at each of our schools. I have two kids in the high school; I have one child in the middle school; and my youngest is in kindergarten which is part of the elementary school that holds pre-K through 5th grade.

Two days ago, I attended my child’s graduation ceremony at the middle school. This morning, I attended the kindergarten “moving up” ceremony. What I saw on Wednesday was bad, but what I witnessed this morning was heartbreaking.

I start with my experience at the middle school. About 50% of the parents sitting in the audience are new faces. Never did I see these people at school events last year or the year before. My son will later tell me a wave of new kids entered the middle school over the past two years. He added, “Many of them speak very little English.” Turns out, neither do their parents. The parents sitting all around me speak Spanish throughout the ceremony.

What really hits me hard is when the principal asks everyone to stand for the Pledge. Not a single person who is speaking Spanish takes the care or time to participate. Not one of them utters a word, not one of them puts their right hand over their heart. I am furious.


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