72 Year Old Woman Raped By 17 Year Old Migrant… 20 Months In Prison

More shocking sex crimes involving underage asylum seekers have been reported in Germany and Austria.

A 17 year old asylum seeker who raped a 72 year old woman was found guilty of rape but will not be deported, and a pair of underage migrants (15 and 17) in Germany were arrested for abusing a 12 year old girl.

In Austria, the 17 year old identified as Wahab M. was found guilty of raping a 72 year old Austrian woman and was sentenced to 20 months in court. Due to Austrian law he will not be deported because his sentence isn’t at least 3 years.

The daughter of the victim was a helper at the large migrant centre in Traiskirchen, just south of Vienna, where the attack took place, according to the Local. Traiskirchen has been host to a large refugee camp for the past few years and has grown considerably since the migrant crisis started.

A friend of the victim, Hans Vesely, himself 72, lamented that although the woman was walking with her dog at the time, the dogs advanced age meant it could not protect the woman. He also said that since the attack , “She is not the same woman anymore. She doesn’t trust being left on her own and does not leave home, and she’s become very weak since the incident.”


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