2020’s worst examples of university hiring bias

Even as universities have suffered major economic losses due to COVID-19, they have created more paid diversity positions.

1. Pratt Institute offers paid position as a BLM Graduate Assistantship

During and after the racial unrest of this year, universities across the nation decreed their commitment to progressive goals and some gave their full endorsement to the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the Black Lives Matter chapter at the Pratt Institute in New York City upped the ante by directly paying a Graduate student to promote the BLM agenda.

With a pay of $16 an hour, the Graduate Assistant is expected to assist the planning of BLM events, promote the chapter on social media and archive artifacts from all those BLM events. 

Pratt BLM’s website states that part of the chapter’s curriculum is to, “encourage and collaborate with faculty members to incorporate the #BlackLivesMatter movement into their class curriculum.”


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