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December 31, 2014

Liberals’ use of black people by Walter E. Williams

Walter E. Williams envisions African-Americans as nation’s most conservative people.

Back in the day, when hunting was the major source of food, hunters often used stalking horses as a means of sneaking up on their quarry. They would walk on the opposite side of the horse until they were close enough to place a good shot on whatever they were hunting. A stalking horse not only concealed them but also, if their target was an armed man and they were discovered, would take the first shot. That’s what blacks are to liberals and progressives in their efforts to transform America – stalking horses.

Let’s look at some of the ways white liberals use black people. One of the more obvious ways is for liberals to equate any kind of injustices suffered by homosexuals and women to the black struggle for civil rights. But it is just plain nonsense to suggest any kind of equivalency between the problems of homosexuals and women and the centuries of slavery followed by Jim Crow, lynching, systematic racial discrimination and the blood, sweat and tears of the black civil rights movement.


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American Sniper – Q&A (Video)

From director Clint Eastwood comes “American Sniper,” starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. Now playing in select theaters, everywhere January 16th.

Hollywood’s Munich Moments by Victor Davis Hanson

Years of trashing U.S. culture haven’t bought American filmmakers immunity.

North Korea supposedly hacked Sony and exposed hundreds of embarrassing behind-the-scenes e-mails, humiliating the company into giving in to blackmail by delaying for a time the release of its new film Interview. Perhaps the murderous North Korean thugocracy thought that, by revealing the innermost illiberal thoughts of the global corporate elite, it might win adulation commensurate with that accorded the liberal crusader Julian Assange — the heartthrob hacker who exposed U.S. government secrets and the private musings of the ruling American hierarchy.

Kim Jong-un’s hackers were supposedly displeased by the Sony Corporation’s unkind depiction of North Korea’s nightmarish dystopia. For a while at least, Hollywood backed down and acceded to the new reality that a foreign country can dictate the scope of artistic expression to U.S. residents.

Now another nuclear power, Pakistan, is angry at Hollywood. According to Pakistani diplomats, Showtime’s series Homeland failed to note the supposedly liberal, humanitarian, and compassionate nature of the Pakistani government. American filmmakers were faulted for making no effort to highlight the lush greenery and general upbeat atmosphere of underappreciated, tony Islamabad.


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Insights into Mayan civilization’s collapse found in Belize’s ‘blue hole’ (Video)

Theories as to why a civilization as strong and advanced as the Mayan dissolved so rapidly are plentiful, and range from uprisings to alien invasions.

Researchers studying sediment in Belize’s Blue Hole have found that the weather may actually have been what caused the collapse of the Mayan civilization.

Theories as to why a civilization as strong and advanced as the Mayan dissolved so rapidly are plentiful, and range from uprisings to alien invasions. Researchers studying sediment in Belize’s Great Blue Hole have found that the weather may actually have been the culprit.

Their findings give a boost to the probability that a drought was behind the demise, a theory that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The team, led by a Rice University professor, found that silt layers dated to around 800 AD show evidence of significantly diminished rainfall. A second dry period is believed to have commenced approximately 1,000 AD. That timeline coincides with significant events in the final centuries of the Mayan civilization. It’s known that beginning in the year AD700 their building efforts slowed down, and they ultimately relocated from the central Yucatan peninsula to the northern areas.


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Michigan Has More Food Stamp Recipients Than Students (Video)

Michigan now has more food stamp recipients than it does public school students, an analysis of federal and state statistics by Breitbart News reveals.

Michigan, which announced on Friday plans to begin drug testing some welfare recipients, currently has 1,679,421 individuals on food stamps (known officially as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP), according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. According to the Michigan Department of Education, the state’s total pupil count for K-12 is 1,564,114.

Michigan’s food stamp program has struggled to combat fraud and abuse. As recently as last week, for example, three brothers pleaded guilty for their roles in a food stamp fraud scheme at the Middle Eastern Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that cost taxpayers $1,278,700.

This year, Michigan’s food stamp program cost taxpayers $2,576,165,148.

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December 30, 2014

Complete Classic Movie: Titanic (1943 – German with English Subtitles)

The ship that took the role of the Titanic, the Cap Arcona, was later sunk with 5,000 concentration camp prisoners on board, a vastly greater loss of life than the 1,517 who died in the Titanic disaster.

Travis Tritt – T-R-O-U-B-L-E

“The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.” William Shakespeare

Black Teen Girls Riot in Pittsburgh Mall, Force Closure (Video)

Many of the teens used their phones to capture video of the events and that too is now making the rounds via social media.

In a brawl apparently instigated using social media, a thousand or more young teen black girls descended on Monroeville Mall outside Pittsburgh Friday night, resulting in the mall being closed as a massive brawl broke out. An investigation is ongoing, including via social media, although no arrests were reportedly made at the time.

Many of the teens used their phones to capture video of the events and that too is now making the rounds via social media.

Officers from several municipalities were called to the mall Friday evening after the fight broke out.

Monroeville Police Chief K. Douglas Cole told Channel 11 News that there were about 1,000 children and teens in the mall when up to six different fights took place.

Cole said at least two people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.


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They guy who convinced me to never run for Congress quits by Dennis Michael Lynch

“Nothing gets done. You go into Congress thinking you can change things but come away realizing things never change.”

I was sitting in the green room at Fox News. A handsome, well-dressed man about my age walks in and shakes my hand. “I’m Congressman Michael Grimm,” he said. “Dennis Michael Lynch,” I replied. We engaged in TV small talk and then I asked him a question which changed the direction of my journey.

DML: I’ve been thinking about running for Congress in my district on Long Island. I know I can win the seat currently held by a Democrat.

MG: You have kids?

DML: Yes.

MG: You happily married?

DML: Yes, to my high school sweetheart.

MG: Don’t do it. It will ruin your life. 80% of your time is raising money for your next election. And when you are not raising money for yourself, you are forced to raise it for the Republican Party. They are breathing down your back 24/7.


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Sheriff Arpaio’s Deputies Accused of Working with Mexican Cartel, Prosecutor’s Error Could Free Them

They were arrested in 2011. The three were accused of helping smuggle heroin from Mexico into the Phoenix area. They were further charged with helping launder money from the proceeds through two companies.

The heroin smuggling case against three former Maricopa County Deputy Sheriff’s Deputies is coming unraveled after prosecutors admitted a wiretap used in the case was never properly applied for. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery announced his office is seeking to dismiss the charges against three former deputies who were accused of assisting a cartel-connected heroin smuggling ring.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office who is prosecuting the case against the former deputies revealed that a wiretap application that is required to be filed for the purposes of electronic surveillance was never filed, according to a report on Fox News Latino. Following the revelation by prosecutors, defense attorneys asked the judge to throw out all of the evidence that was obtained using the wiretap.

Prosecutors asked the judge to dismiss the charges against the three former deputies and three other people, including the alleged ringleader of the smuggling operation. The alleged ringleader was said to be working with a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa drug cartel. Eleven other people have already been convicted on charges arising from this wiretap. Prosecutors are also seeking to have those convictions vacated.


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