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May 31, 2014

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ On Behalf of Fast and Furious Whistleblower John Dodson Over Document Stonewalling

Dodson was the first whistleblower to go public about Operation Fast and Furious in early 2011 and his life has been hell since. He wrote a book about the scandal, The Unarmed Truth: My Fight to Blow the Whistle and Expose Fast and Furious, which was published late last year.

Government watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice on behalf of Operation Fast and Furious whistleblower John Dodson after his own FOIA requests were ignored.

In June 2012, Fortune Magazine writer Katherine Eban published a 5,000 word hit-piece on Dodson. The piece was thoroughly denounced by the House Oversight Committee for being grossly false. Dodson sent a letter through his attorney to Fortune Magazine Managing Editor Andrew Serwer demanding a retraction and accused the media outlet of parroting Department of Justice talking points. A reminder:

As you are likely aware, the Justice Department Inspector General has now issued his exhaustive report about Operation Fast and Furious (the “IG Report”). Given its findings, it is clear that Ms. Eban’s purported finding of “the truth” was far from it, and in fact is demonstrably false in many respects. A retraction is in order to correct the record.


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US singer of narco-corrido drug ballads killed in Mexico

The genre has gained many fans in the Spanish speaking world, particularly among inhabitants along both sides of the US-Mexico border.

An American singer of narco-corridos — a musical genre extolling the glories of the drug trade — has been fatally shot in a northern Mexican town, officials said Friday.

Tomas Eduardo Tovar, 33, was gunned down late Thursday while dining at a restaurant in Ciudad Obregon, in Sonora state, according to law enforcement officials.

Tovar, who performed under the stage name Tito Torbellino, was killed by two gunmen who stormed into the establishment firing multiple rounds.

A native of the US state of Arizona, Tovar died en route to the hospital, local authorities said.

Narco-corridos recount in song the life and death of drug kingpins and are performed to a polka-like beat driven by accordions, guitars, drums and tubas.


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White Police Lieutenant Awarded $1.35 Million In Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

“I think that this is a wake up call for all employers, everybody is protected under the U.S.’s anti-discrimination law,” Barrella’s attorney Amanda Fugazy told WCBS 880?s Sophia Hall.

A Long Island police lieutenant has been awarded $1.35 million in his racial discrimination lawsuit against the village of Freeport.

Lt. Christopher Barrella, who is white, had accused the village of awarding the police chief’s job to a Hispanic officer with few qualifications and a lower test score.

Following the federal jury’s decision Wednesday, Barrella described the process as trying but said he always had faith in the jury system.

“It’s really a good feeling to be validated, and I am incredibly appreciative that the jury saw it my way,” Barrella told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera.

The former mayor, Andrew Hardwick, was a defendant in the case but could not be reached for comment. He was the village’s first black mayor.

Barrella had charged that Hardwick terminated and demoted qualified, experienced non-Hispanic whites. Barrella charged that Hardwick illegaly chose Miguel Bermudez for the job of police chief.

The current Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy, who is white, said the jury got it wrong.


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Donald’s Dig at New York Times: Twitter Trumps Traditional Media (Video)

“I don’t do press releases. If I want a press release I just put it on Twitter and I’ve got a press release. You’ve got millions of people watching and if I want to say something, I just put it out and, all of a sudden, I’m reading stories about it the next day. It’s really fantastic. I love it, frankly.”

Twitter has revolutionized how people spread news and gather information — circumventing authoritarian regimes and establishment media around the globe. It’s given a voice to the powerless — and also the powerful.

Count Donald Trump as one of its biggest fans.

“It’s like owning the New York Times without the losses, if you think about,” Trump said at a National Press Club luncheon this week.


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Ben Carson to Obama: Come clean on ‘secret’ past (Video)

President must ‘expose everything’ by releasing records.

World-famous neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, a rising star among Republicans, says President Obama should be more open with his records, including documentation that could show he applied for financial aid as a foreign student.

Carson saw his popularity surge after a 2013 National Prayer Breakfast keynote, with Obama sitting just a few feet away, in which he delivered a 27-minute stinging rebuke of the administration, citing “moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility.”

After the speech, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial that practically begged Carson to run for president.

Now he’s speaking out on the issue of Obama’s eligibility.

In an interview on Alan Colmes’ Fox News radio show, the left-leaning Colmes suggested that it was racism against a black president that caused people to doubt his origins.

Bunk, asserted Carson.

“Has there been anybody else who has had a shroud of secrecy around their records like this?” Carson asked.

He told Colmes he didn’t personally challenge Obama’s claim of being born in Hawaii, but he insisted Obama needs to be more transparent.


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Baseball’s Kirk Gibson on Ted Nugent’s ‘Fred Bear’

A baseball manager thinks of his father when he hears a Ted Nugent tribute to a beloved bowman.

Kirk Gibson, 56, is manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. He spoke with reporter Marc Myers.

Ted Nugent wrote “Fred Bear” in memory of his friend, the bow hunter and founder of the Bow Archery Co., who died in 1988. But when I listen to the song, I hear the story of me and my dad and all the things we did together outdoors when I was growing up, including bow hunting.

I know Ted personally, and while I don’t agree with everything he represents or says, we share a love of skiing, hunting and just being outside. I still hunt with a bow in the off-season and find the wilderness peaceful and reflective. When I was a little kid in Waterford, Mich., my family used to go on three-hour drives north to the Fred Bear Museum in Grayling, Mich., so Fred Bear is part of my past.

I first heard the song when Ted’s album, “Spirit of the Wild,” came out in 1995. Whenever I hear the lyrics, I’m reminded of my dad, who died in 2001: “The spirit of the woods is like an old good friend / It makes me feel warm and good inside / I knew his name and it was good to see him again / ‘Cause in the wind he’s still alive.” I’ve always loved the spirit of the woods. When I was little, I’d run down our field to the woods and play in the river and catch snakes. No matter how far away I was, I could hear my dad’s booming voice shout “Kirrrk”—calling me home to dinner or to practice sports.


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1 in 6 American Men Between Ages 25-54 Are Not Working

Startling charts from the Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee about male participation in the labor force, particularly men between the ages of 25-54:

“There are currently 61.1 million American men in their prime working years, age 25–54. A staggering 1 in 8 such men are not in the labor force at all, meaning they are neither working nor looking for work. This is an all-time high dating back to when records were first kept in 1955. An additional 2.9 million men are in the labor force but not employed (i.e., they would work if they could find a job). A total of 10.2 million individuals in this cohort, therefore, are not holding jobs in the U.S. economy today. There are also nearly 3 million more men in this age group not working today than there were before the recession began,” the Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee claim.


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European Identitarians Demonstrate in Austria, Cultural Marxists Riot (Video)

Right-wing nationalists of the Identitarian Movement held a rally in Vienna on May 17. Organizing themselves across social media, members of factions across Europe flooded in from France, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland to join the Austrian faction to demonstrate against the EU.

Everyone gets a perfect score! Federal financial agency ditches employee performance ratings after union members and minorities consistently perform worse

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau staff ratings showed racial disparities and other unequal results. Whites consistently outscored blacks and unionized workers trailed their nonunion counterparts. The agency has scrapped the system instead of examining why the data came out skewed, awarding everyone the top rating on a scale of 1 to 5. ‘Our performance ratings system did not meet our own objectives and expectations,’ read an internal report released this month to reporters. Annual performance reviews affect salary raises, bonuses and career advancement. Congress has subpoenaed CFPB officials over accusations of discrimination.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a watchdog department created in 2011 to create a level financial playing field for American consumers, has scrapped its internal employee performance review process following revelations that nonunion workers and caucasians routinely scored better than unionized employees and minorities in 2013.

The annual performance reviews award scores on a scale from 1 to 5 and are closely tied to salary raises, bonuses and career advancement.

Instead of keeping the scores in place, agency leaders have decided to award all of their 1,100 employees ratings of ‘5.’

An internal CFPB report released this month found that ‘the average ratings for black and Hispanic employees were lower than the average ratings for white and Asian employees.’

The average score for white employees last year was 3.94, while the average was 3.81 for Asians, 3.69 for Hispanics and 3.63 for blacks.

Unionized employees scored an average of 3.79, while their nonunion counterparts scored 4.04.

‘Our performance ratings system did not meet our own objectives and expectations,’ the report read in part.


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May 30, 2014

Complete Classic Movie: Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

Stars: Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale. Epic story of a mysterious stranger with a harmonica who joins forces with a notorious desperado to protect a beautiful widow from a ruthless assassin working for the railroad.