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June 30, 2013

Too Darn Hot – Kiss Me Kate

“The magic is as wide as a smile and as narrow as a wink, loud as laughter and quiet as a tear, tall as a tale and deep as emotion. So strong, it can lift the spirit. So gentle, it can touch the heart. It is the magic that begins the happily ever after.” – Unknown

The Woman Who Fought Racial Preference

Jennifer Gratz felt as if she had lost her case at the Supreme Court 10 years ago. But this week she sees Supreme vindication, with more to come next year.

Jennifer Gratz’s legal battle had dragged on for 5½ years when it ended in 2003 with a 6-3 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in her favor. She tells me she felt as if she’d “been kicked in the gut.”

If that seems an unusual reaction to a victory, it’s because the circumstances made it Pyrrhic. Ms. Gratz, then 25, had sued to challenge the University of Michigan’s racially discriminatory admissions policies, under which the prestigious Ann Arbor campus had turned her away. Her case was paired with that of a prospective law student, Barbara Grutter. Ms. Grutter lost her case 5-4 as Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, joined by Stephen Breyer, switched sides. Grutter v. Bollinger gave universities the green light to continue practicing racial discrimination in the name of “diversity.”

Ten years and one day later, Justice Anthony Kennedy turned the light yellow. On Monday, his opinion for a 7-1 majority in Fisher v. University of Texas overturned a lower court’s decision approving the Texas racial preferences without a trial.

The justices reaffirmed Grutter’s holding that “diversity” could justify some use of racial preferences. They declared, however, that henceforth courts must take seriously the command to apply “strict scrutiny” to racial preferences, upholding them only if “no workable race-neutral alternatives” are available.


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June 29, 2013

Sarah Palin Bashes GOP Establishment Over Immigration, Suggests Leaving Republican Party

“Folks like me are barely hanging on to our enlistment papers in any political party – and it’s precisely because flip-flopping political actions like amnesty force us to ask how much more bull from both the elephants in the Republican Party and the jackasses in the Democrat Party we have to swallow before these political machines totally abandon the average commonsense hardworking American,” Palin said.

Among the 14 Republicans who backed the immigration bill was Arizona Sen. John McCain, who named Palin as his Republican vice presidential running mate in 2008.

“It was the loss of working class voters in swing states that cost us the 2012 election, not the Hispanic vote,” Palin said. “Legal immigrants respect the rule of law and can see how self-centered a politician must be to fill this amnesty bill with favors, earmarks, and crony capitalists’ pork, and call it good. You disrespect Hispanics with your assumption that they desire ignoring the rule of law.”

Palin earlier this week excoriated so-called “Gang of Eight” Republican member Marco Rubio for his “flip-flop” on amnesty for illegal immigrants. Repeating the “flip-flopping” charge Friday, Palin said she was close to finished with the GOP.


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FBI: It’s too racist to show pictures of terrorists

FBI Special Agent Fred Gutt said that they decided to remove the ads “a result of our continued engagement with the community and the feedback we are getting.”

Less than a week after Washington Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott wrote a letter to the FBI about the “Faces of Global Terrorism” ad he found to be racist, the ad is being taken down, the Seattle Times reports.

McDermott had written that the Puget Sound Joint Terrorism Task Force’s “ad featuring sixteen photos of wanted terrorists is not only offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities, but it encourages racial and religious profiling.”

The congressman, as well Jeff Siddiqui, the founder of American Muslims of Puget Sound, are concerned that all sixteen terrorists featured have connections to Islam.

“When you start saying that this is the face of terrorism, you are really stigmatizing a whole group of people,” McDermott said.

Siddiqui added that the ad “is affecting all kinds of people who have no experience with Muslims, who look at it and say, ‘Oh, Muslims are the face of global terrorism.’”

Only two of the FBI’s 32 “Most Wanted Terrorists” do not have connections to Islam according to the FBI.

McDermott, also concerned with the racial impacts of the poster, said, “the impression you get is that terrorism is caused by brown-skinned men with beards, and occasionally they wear a turban — which isn’t true.”


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Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend (1976), by John Ford

“When I walked among those clobbered up kids, saw ’em break in to grins just to see someone from home, Chesty said ‘Duke, you’re better than all the god damn pills in the world.’ I think that was my proudest moment.” John Wayne

Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller

Lumumba wants to remove Christopher Columbus from history books

Democratic candidate for Jackson mayor says he’s talked to Jackson Public Schools officials.

Chokwe Lumumba, the favored candidate in the race for Jackson mayor, said he wants to remove Christopher Columbus from history books.

“Columbus didn’t discover America. America wasn’t lost, Columbus was,” Lumumba said during last week’s debate.

Lumumba said he just wants Jackson’s school children introduced to new topics, and in his opinion, more historically accurate ones.

“I’m just talking about accurate history and that should not be offensive to anybody,” Lumumba said on Wednesday.

According to Lumumba, people from northern Africa had been traveling to the North American continent years before Columbus did in 1492. In fact, a Google search by 16 WAPT News shows the discovery of America is a widely disputed one.

Lumumba, a Democrat, said he’s already spoken to Jackson Public Schools officials about plans he has for the district if he’s elected mayor.


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Nancy Pelosi: We Should ‘Celebrate’ Obamacare on July 4th

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently informed the nation that July Fourth isn’t just for fireworks and independence any more. It is also the day we should “celebrate” Obamacare.

Sure July Fourth is traditionally celebrated as the day we declared independence from Great Britain, an action that preceded the Revolutionary War and set the tone for our nascent nation. But now it has another significance. As far as Pelosi is concerned it is “health independence” day, too.

“Next week, when we celebrate Independence Day we’ll also be observing health independence,” Pelosi said during a press briefing recorded by CSPAN. She goes on to say that, “this week marks one year since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. It captures the spirit of our founders. The spirit they wrote in the Declaration of Independence… So, we’ve had Social Security, Medicare, and now health independence, and that’s something our members will take home to celebrate over this Independence Day.”

Pelosi also bent history to chide the GOP saying that if Paul Revere was a Republican, today he would be running through the streets shouting “sequester is coming!”


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Victims of Illegal Alien Violence Speak Out Against Gang Of Eight Plan (Video)

This is from Jeff Sessions’s YouTube channel. The speaker is Maria Espinoza, Director of The Remembrance Project, which remembers the victims of illegal alien violence.

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Wow: Nearly All Americans Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Meanwhile, a new Rasmussen Report shows the majority want the government to cut spending in order to spur economic growth.

The economy isn’t getting better and the unemployment numbers we keep seeing are far from accurate. According to CNN Money, 76 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Roughly three-quarters of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, with little to no emergency savings, according to a survey released by Monday.

Fewer than one in four Americans have enough money in their savings account to cover at least six months of expenses, enough to help cushion the blow of a job loss, medical emergency or some other unexpected event, according to the survey of 1,000 adults. Meanwhile, 50% of those surveyed have less than a three-month cushion and 27% had no savings at all.

“It’s disappointing,” said Greg McBride,’s senior financial analyst. “Nothing helps you sleep better at night than knowing you have money tucked away for unplanned expenses.”


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State Department Condemns China, Russia Over Human Trafficking

Bloomberg News reported that, according to the U.S. report, an estimated “27 million men, women, and children worldwide are trapped in some form of slavery — South Asian maids confined in Qatari homes against their will, children taken from school to work in Uzbek cotton fields, and Paraguayans forced into labor in Argentine sweatshops. Millions of women and children are trafficked for sex. Very few are even identified, a focus of this year’s report.”

The U.S. State Department released its annual global human trafficking report June 20, and two countries — China and Russia — are angry with the United States for being downgraded from Tier 2 two to Tier 3 status, joining Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, and nearly a score of other nations noted for their severe human trafficking issues. The annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report ranks nearly 200 countries on their record of combatting various forms of human trafficking, and promises over the last nine years from China and Russia to improve their records have kept them precariously in the Tier 2 slot.

“Now, the State Department has dropped the two countries, along with Uzbekistan, to Tier 3,” reported World News, accusing “China of state-sponsored forced labor under the name ‘re-education through labor,’ as well as widespread sex trafficking,” and Russia of “using forced labor for projects related to the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and forcing North Koreans to work in logging camps, under an agreement with the North Korean government.”

China’s notorious one-child policy — along with the resulting sex ratio of 118 males to 100 females — has dramatically increased the demand for “trafficking of foreign women as brides for Chinese men and for forced prostitution,” the report states. As for Russia, the report cited research from the Migration Research Center, which has estimated that one million people suffer under “exploitative” labor conditions in the former Soviet nation.


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