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September 30, 2012

Pat Caddell Says: Media Have Become an “Enemy of the American people” (Video)

In recent remarks to an AIM conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” former Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell said, “I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy.”

September 29, 2012

Magner v. Gallagher, And Disparate Impact For Thee, Not For Me

In employment, disparate impact is a huge deal in hiring firemen, but it’s a very small deal in Hollywood and Silicon Valley…Movie crews look like the LA Fire Department in 1975.

Roger Clegg writes at National Review:

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court was poised to hear oral arguments in the fully briefed Magner v. Gallagher, a case presenting the issue of whether a “disparate impact” cause of action may be brought under the Fair Housing Act. Now, the theory in disparate-impact causes of action is that someone can be held liable for racial discrimination if he uses a selection device that leads to a racial imbalance, even if the device is neutral on its face, in its intent, and as applied. In the housing context, for example, rejecting mortgage applicants because of their credit history can be challenged if this results in a higher percentage of blacks than Asians being turned down, and it then becomes up to the lender to prove to a jury some degree of “business necessity” for his practice. The Obama administration is a great fan of this approach to civil-rights enforcement, and it was quite upset that the Supreme Court might rule it illegal. So it successfully leaned on the City of St. Paul, a petitioner in the suit, to withdraw its case from the Supreme Court.

The Magner case stems from the city of St. Paul deciding to crack down on slumlords by enforcing already written laws and regulations in the housing code (e.g., fire safety). The slumlords got together and sued the city for racial discrimination because most of their tenants are black, and they argued that enforcing the laws would have disparate impact on blacks because that would raise the slumlords’ costs, which they would pass on to their black tenants. (I don’t know what race(s) the slumlords are.) So, that would be discrimination!

The plaintiffs and defendants split the first two rounds, and the Supreme Court accepted the case.


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The Clinton-Rice credibility gap by Pat Buchanan

Did the United States have advance intelligence saying an attack was being planned against the Benghazi consulate or U.S. personnel in Libya on Sept. 11?

Two weeks after Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were murdered in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama administration has conceded it was an act of terrorism.

The attack on the U.S. Consulate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now admits, was part of a broader effort by al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, working “with other violent extremists to undermine the democratic transitions under way in North Africa, as we tragically saw in Benghazi.”

Yet 11 days ago, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice was trotted out on every Sunday talk show to blame the massacre on a mob inflamed by the Internet video “Innocence of Muslims,” which insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

As Human Events’ John Hayward relates, Rice told Fox News:

“This was not a pre-planned, premeditated attack. … What happened initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in Cairo as a consequence of the video. … People gathered outside the embassy, and then it grew very violent. Those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons – which, unfortunately, are quite common in post-revolutionary Libya – and that then spun out of control.”


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Mitt Romney was right about the 47 percent by Ted Nugent

Through the creation of the Nanny State, the Democrats have destroyed lives, families and entire communities, and convinced some Americans that they can’t achieve anything without Fedzilla’s help. They have their own soulless Declaration of Dependence. That’s downright pathetic.

Mitt Romney hit the bull’s-eye with his comments regarding the 47 percent of Americans who do not have any skin in the game as it pertains to paying federal income tax. Facts are facts.

Mr. Romney is not backing down. Good. The truth is the truth and it’s long past time someone said it.

As I’ve written before, for at least the past 50 years the Democratic Party has intentionally engineered a class of political “victims” who have been bamboozled into being dependent on the federal government for their subsistence, including food, housing and now health care. They get this without paying any federal income taxes, and that’s wrong. Something for nothing is always a scam. This is how you buy votes, plain and simple.

Alternatively, the majority of federal income taxes are paid by the top wage earners, the very group of individuals the Democrats and President Obama constantly demonize and want to punish by raising their taxes even higher.

This is what’s called “fair” in this bizzarro world. Those who pay nothing can continue to pay nothing, and those who pay all will pay more.

If you truly seek “fair,” then everyone should have some federal income tax skin in the game.


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Wartime Expulsions Left Trail of Torture, Rape: Interview

For the U.S. and Britain — which not only saw the expulsions as necessary but helped organize them — it taints the image of World War II as “a good war” fought to protect Western humanism against brutal fascism, Douglas said.

It was ethnic cleansing on a scale never seen before. As many as 14 million people, mainly women and children, were forcibly removed from their homes and deported to a country devastated and demoralized by war.

More than 500,000 Germans died in the post-World War II expulsions from eastern Europe. Yet the world had largely forgotten this manmade tragedy until the Irish historian R. M. Douglas (the R. stands for Ray), a professor at Colgate University in New York, published “Orderly and Humane.”

Nearly 70 years after the event, it is the first comprehensive academic study of the episode and has been welcomed in Germany, where discussion of the expulsions is still a political hot potato in relations with its eastern neighbors.

“I tried for a very long time, as long as I possibly could, not to write this book,” Douglas said in an interview in Berlin, where he was promoting the German translation. “I knew what a lot of work it was, and how sensitive it was.”

The 10 years of writing and research that followed reveal the expulsions were anything but “orderly and humane” — the words used by the U.S., Britain and the Soviet Union in the 1945 Potsdam Agreement, which ordered this mass exodus.


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Keyes to the Republic: President Obama and Mitt Romney

Our Nation faces a great crisis and the integrity of our Republic is at stake. Barack Obama offers a path of socialism; but is there real hope in the alternative?

Corporatocracy – Antony Sutton (Videos)

Antony Sutton’s work led him to more questions than answers. “Why had the US built-up it’s enemy? Why did the US build-up the Soviet Union, while we also transferred technology to Hitler’s Germany? Why does Washington want to conceal these facts?”

Ann Coulter: “White Guilt Has Produced Mistake After Mistake” (Video)

“White guilt has produced mistake after mistake including the 2008 election when more whites voted for Obama than voted for a Democrat for decades,” Coulter added.

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Author and columnist Ann Coulter talks race and America on FOX News’ “Hannity” Monday night.

“Whites being bullied by racism, by white liberals, by the way, who ought to be guilty about something, has never led to anything good. It led to the John Lindsay administration in this city, it led to Dinkins and finally because of the O.J. verdict, we we were through, we got Giuliani, which has saved tens of thousands of black lives by enforcing criminal laws, by going after criminals despite being called a racist throughout his tenure,” Coulter said.


Coulter then discussed race and the Trayvon Martin and Duke Lacrosse cases.

“What we’ve learned is everyone, blacks especially, are better off when the white guilt bank is shut down, as it was for more than a decade after the O.J. verdict, and liberals kept trying to push the racial narrative in their newspapers and on TV, but Americans weren’t buying it,” Ann Coulter said.


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‘Killing Is The Solution,’ Gang Member Tells Walter Jacobson (Video)

But where do they get the money they need? The young man answered bluntly. “Rob, steal and kill. That’s the only way. We didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills. We don’t get it handed to us,” he said.

Walter Jacobson talks with gang members in Englewood.

Gangbangers in Chicago: What makes them tick, what are they thinking?

CBS 2’s Walter Jacobson sat down with gang members in Chicago’s troubled Englewood neighborhood to try to find some answers.

Some of the responses he received were not encouraging.

“There’s no solution to the violence,” one gang member tells him. “Killing, killing is the solution.”

Jacobson asked the young man if he would kill personally, if he had to.

“I’ve never killed before, but if I had a gun in my possession,” he said.

Jacobson says he has been walking the blocks for many years, but the state of despair never changes – poverty, sticks and stains.


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Mark Wahlberg in Renaissance Man

“The magic is as wide as a smile and as narrow as a wink, loud as laughter and quiet as a tear, tall as a tale and deep as emotion. So strong, it can lift the spirit. So gentle, it can touch the heart. It is the magic that begins the happily ever after.” – Unknown