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January 31, 2012

World lacks enough food, fuel as population soars: U.N.

The world is running out of time to make sure there is enough food, water and energy to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population and to avoid sending up to 3 billion people into poverty, a U.N. report warned on Monday.

As the world’s population looks set to grow to nearly 9 billion by 2040 from 7 billion now, and the number of middle-class consumers increases by 3 billion over the next 20 years, the demand for resources will rise exponentially.

Even by 2030, the world will need at least 50 percent more food, 45 percent more energy and 30 percent more water, according to U.N. estimates, at a time when a changing environment is creating new limits to supply.

And if the world fails to tackle these problems, it risks condemning up to 3 billion people into poverty, the report said.

Efforts towards sustainable development are neither fast enough nor deep enough, as well as suffering from a lack of political will, the United Nations’ high-level panel on global sustainability said.

“The current global development model is unsustainable. To achieve sustainability, a transformation of the global economy is required,” the report said.

“Tinkering on the margins will not do the job. The current global economic crisis … offers an opportunity for significant reforms.”


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Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

“The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.” William Shakespeare

January 30, 2012

Inability to learn English, pay cut behind Afghan’s murder of 9 Americans at Kabul military base

According to the report, a relative of Gul said he started following the teachings of the Taliban in 1995, then later left Afghanistan for Pakistan because “he was upset that foreigners had invaded his country.” When asked why Gul returned to Afghanistan in 2008, he said he “wanted to kill Americans.”

Afghan soldiers stand guard outside an airport gate in Kabul on April 27, 2011, after Col. Ahmed Gul killed 9 Americans.

The Afghan soldier who gunned down nine Americans in a shooting rampage at a military compound in Kabul last April targeted and killed his U.S. mentors after they took away his wings and cut his salary nearly in half because he was unable to learn English, a longtime colleague of the killer has told

A second Afghan airman, who was wounded in the April 27 attack, says the gunman, Col. Ahmed Gul, also intended to kill Afghans who were working with the Americans at the base at Kabul Airport. And he said he fears there will be more incidents like it as the war winds down.

A U.S. Air Force Special Investigation report on the attack that was released last week concluded that Gul, 46, acted alone, and it found no evidence that the attack was connected to the Taliban or insurgents. It noted reports of Gul’s mental and financial problems, but it did not mention Gul’s failure to learn English as a possible motive.

The Air Force report, said the Afghan official who was wounded in the shooting, also reveals clear evidence that the Ministry of Defense failed to conduct a proper background check on Gul, who had returned to active duty after spending 18 months in military housing in Hayatabad, Pakistan, where he became radicalized and increasingly anti-American.


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‘Kill the Police’: Cops Arrest Hundreds of Occupy Oakland Protestors After Street Clashes

The demonstration comes after Occupy protesters said earlier this week that they planned to move into a vacant building and turn it into a social center and political hub. They also threatened to try to shut down the port, occupy the airport and take over City Hall.

Occupy Oakland protestors burn an American flag found inside Oakland City Hall during an Occupy Oakland protest on the steps of City Hall, Saturday, January 28, 2012, in Oakland, Calif.

Police arrested hundreds of Occupy Oakland protesters last Saturday night for failing to disperse hours after officers used tear gas on over a thousand demonstrators who threw rocks and flares at them and tore down fences.

More help from other police agencies arrived on scene for the mass arrests, with busloads of Alameda County sheriff’s deputies arriving in the downtown area late Saturday night.

Here is video taken from the livestream that shows police warning protestors that mass arrests are about to begin (content warning for profanity):

Police Sgt. Christopher Bolton said the arrests came after protesters marched through downtown Oakland a little before 8 p.m. Saturday, with some of them entering a YMCA building.

At different moments on the livestream video, protestors could be heard yelling “Kill the police” and “F**k the police.”

This clip captures the moment on the livestream that police began the mass arrests:


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Why the Welfare State Is Doomed to Fail

A lot of money is being forcibly taken by the federal government from the pockets of those who worked hard to earn it and moved to those who have done nothing to deserve it yet feel entitled to it. Why is the government allowed to do what private citizens are not allowed to?

Why is gambling bad? Why do so many religions and governments abhor gambling?

Is gambling “bad” simply because it encourages greed? Or is it because it encourages laziness, as winners do not do anything significant to deserve their winnings? Or is it because it deals primarily in earnings through a game of chance?

No. It is because gambling is a zero-sum game. A zero-sum game is one where total gains exactly equal total losses among all the players at any one time. No net wealth is created or added to society by engaging in the activity.

For example, in a game of poker, your wins are exactly the other players’ (including the house’s) losses, and vice-versa. Compare this to a worker in a factory’s assembly line — the worker, by spending his time and labor on raw materials, enhances those materials’ value and creates goods which are useful to those who demand them. The worker contributes to the economy and society by engaging in his work. Gamblers, on the other hand, contribute nothing to the economy and society and do not create anything of use to others.

Zero-sum games are just a matter of transferring money from the losers’ pockets to the winners’. Wealth is not created via such activities. Ideally, society would be better off if the players (or gamblers) engaged in value-adding activities instead. Can you imagine whole communities doing nothing but moving money from one pocket to another? Who is going to grow the food they need to eat? Who will make the clothes they need to wear?


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Europe’s lost generation: how it feels to be young and struggling in the EU

Viola Caon left her Italian home to find work. Now she returns to see how her former classmates are faring… and in the week that shocking figures showed how badly Europe’s youth is being hit by the unemployment crisis, we also talk to hard-hit twentysomethings in Athens and Madrid.

Left to right, the classmates of Civita Castellani: Martina Rossitto, Viola Caon, Maria Francesca Zozzi, Elisa Di Pietro Paolo, Michele Stentella, Michela Moretti and Elena Cirioni.

Maybe being young is never easy. But being a twentysomething young European has rarely been more stressful.

More than a quarter (28%) of Italians between 16 and 24 are unemployed. Others are struggling to get by on unpaid internships or poorly paid jobs with little security.

Italy’s new prime minister, Mario Monti, has vowed to help the younger generation, promising among other things to help them start businesses, but as austerity bites deep the future is uncertain, even terrifying, for many.

It’s not just Italy, of course. Eurozone unemployment is at a record. According to Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office, 16.3 million people are out of work in the 17 countries that joined the euro. The story of a lost generation is becoming the scandal of a continent. In Spain, 51.4% of those aged 16-24 are jobless. In Greece, the figure is 43%.

As the eurozone crisis worsened, I went back to my hometown of Civita Castellana, 65 kilometres north of Rome, to meet my classmates from the Giuseppe Colasanti high school. Michela, Maria, Elena, Elisa, Michele, Martina and I were in the class of 2005.


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How I woke up to the untruths of Barack Obama

As a rising young Chicago politician in 1995, no one campaigned more actively than Mr Obama for an amendment to the US Community Reinvestment Act, legally requiring banks to lend huge sums to millions of poor, mainly black Americans, guaranteed by the two giant mortgage associations, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

President Obama delivers his State of the Union address

By Christopher Booker

When I happened to wake up in the middle of the night last Wednesday and caught the BBC World Service’s live relay of President Obama’s State of the Union address to Congress, two passages had me rubbing my eyes in disbelief.

The first came when, to applause, the President spoke about the banking crash which coincided with his barnstorming 2008 election campaign. “The house of cards collapsed,” he recalled. “We learned that mortgages had been sold to people who couldn’t afford or understand them.” He excoriated the banks which had “made huge bets and bonuses with other people’s money”, while “regulators looked the other way and didn’t have the authority to stop the bad behaviour”. This, said Obama, “was wrong. It was irresponsible. And it plunged our economy into a crisis that put millions out of work.”

I recalled a piece I wrote in this column on January 29, 2009, just after Obama took office. It was headlined: “This is the sub-prime house that Barack Obama built”. As a rising young Chicago politician in 1995, no one campaigned more actively than Mr Obama for an amendment to the US Community Reinvestment Act, legally requiring banks to lend huge sums to millions of poor, mainly black Americans, guaranteed by the two giant mortgage associations, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

It was this Act, above all, which let the US housing bubble blow up, far beyond the point where it was obvious that hundreds of thousands of homeowners would be likely to default. Yet, in 2005, no one more actively opposed moves to halt these reckless guarantees than Senator Obama, who received more donations from Fannie Mae than any other US politician (although Senator Hillary Clinton ran him close).


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Video: The Vote Pump

Barack Obama will have ONE BILLION DOLLARS to spend on his re-election in 2012. Bill calls that chump change. Find out how the Big Government statists spent 22,000 times that amount on buying votes in 2011 alone!

Brawl At High School Looks More Like A Prison Riot (Videos)

“We feel like this is getting out of control, way out of control. And we just don’t know, as parents, what to do or who to talk to.” said one mom who didn’t want to show her face.

Police were called to Dekaney High School in northwest Harris County Friday after a brawl broke out in the cafeteria.

Spring ISD officials said the fight started between four students. But cell phone video clearly shows a chaotic scene with a lot more than four students involved.

Students who were in the lunchroom at the time said it was more like a riot.

“All these people came and just started hitting everybody,” said Maya Rodriguez, a student. “After a while, I got hit and everybody just started fighting. So I hit back…”

Students were jumping on tables, yelling and throwing things.


See more videos here.


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Illegal immigrant crashes into cop car

The suspect took off running, and the officer followed on foot. The suspect was eventually caught. Inside the suspect’s car was over 360 pounds of marijuana. The Camargo resident is now facing multiple charges including assault on a police officer.

An illegal immigrant is in custody after ramming his vehicle into a Sullivan City police officer’s car.

It happened around around 10:30 Saturday morning when an officer tried pulling the 21-year-old man over for a traffic stop.

That’s when the suspect led police on a chase and headed south to Los Ebanos.

Both vehicles ended up getting stuck in a field.

The suspect took off running, and the officer followed on foot.

The suspect was eventually caught.


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