The History of Socialism

Together with something called Critical Theory, neo-Marxism would criticize every aspect of American life as being unworthy of support. One way to understand the purpose of political correctness and multiculturalism is to watch Stephen King’s movie “Needful Things,” and watch how each person or group is pitted against another, the real purpose of multiculturalism.

Socialism is defined to be a modern system of economics where property and the means of production are controlled by the state; where it is said that socialism stands in contrast with capitalism and free market economics.

The problem is that this doesn’t explain the socialist positions on environmentalism, family, abortion, and homosexuality; or their hostility towards Hebrews, Christians, and family.

A more accurate definition is provided by Barrack Obama’s mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who relates it to totalitarianism saying, “[It] is a system of revolution. It is a revolution seeking to destroy the existing political order with the goal of changing existing economic, social, and cultural aspects of a people in accordance with a new ideological outline.” That ideology is called socialism, and its purpose is to impose a totalitarian set of economic, philosophical, religious, and scientific values dictating what is good, evil, just, unjust, right, or wrong.

Universities teach that capitalism and socialism are stages of historical development, a concept they call historical materialism, where Karl Marx said feudalism gave way to capitalism, which would give way to socialism, and then Marxism. As it turns out, this assertion was fabricated to convince people that Marxism was the inevitable conclusion of history, so they would embrace the hope and change of a faith that has produced nothing but pain and misery.


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