Big Hollywood Interview: Novelist Andrew Klavan On His New Novel and Political Awakening

“I love the country, and I love standing up for what I think is right,“ he says.

Novelist Andrew Klavan wanted a break after penning his 2010 thriller “Empire of Lies,“ a grueling expose on liberal media bias in the Age of Terror.

“I had to do something different. I needed a change,“ Klavan says.

What Klavan got instead was a phone call imploring him to get back to work.

“Have you ever thought of writing a young adult novel?“ his publisher asked during an out of the blue cell phone conversation. The only other time Klavan had dabbled in the genre was while living in England. He recalled coming home every day from that gig telling his wife, “it was the most fun I ever had [writing].”

“I instantly said, ‘yes,‘” Klavan told his publisher, and the Homelanders series was born.

“The Final Hour,” the fourth and final book in the series following “The Last Thing I Remember,“ “The Long Way Home” and “The Truth of the Matter,“ finds young Charlie West trying to halt an impending terrorist attack. He’ll have to escape from prison, risk his life reclaiming lost memories and find enough people to believe he holds the key to stopping a jihadist assault on a major city.


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